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Exterior of Dan's Nicollet Car Wash

Dan's Nicollet Car Wash celebrated its 13th anniversary in December! The original Nicollet Car Wash was built in spring 1960 and had seen several renovations, the most recent in the early 1980s. The car wash needed an improved layout, new equipment with upgraded technology, and a serious facelift.

Agreements were made and blueprints drawn and after a three-month construction project, Dan’s Nicollet Car Wash opened just before Christmas 2002. The new look and landscaping makes Dan’s Nicollet Car Wash an attractive addition to the neighborhood.

The new building layout and expansion increased wash tunnel capacity in the full service operation as well as adding 2,000 square feet of indoor heated drying space. The increased detailing services and expanded hours for customer convenience created more neighborhood jobs.

We're proud to offer Blue Coral Products!

Surface Amrour

Surface Armour

Help surfaces look like new with Surface Armour.

Lava Shine


Your car will shine like it never has before with Lava Shine featuring carnauba wax.

Black Satin

Black Satin

Deepen the darkness and bump the brilliance of your tires with Black Satin Tire Shine.

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What does "weather permitting" mean?

You might think it has more to do with the temperature on a cold Minnesota winter day. Actually, Dan's hearty and courteous team can wash and dry your car at any temperature. It's all done inside in a climate-controlled environment. Your car will be just as warm and cozy as you are.

Actually, "weather permitting" has more to do with the overall weather picture. If the Twin Cities are expecting several inches of snow -- or several days of rain -- Dan's may not be open, since we figure not too many people will want to wash their cars that day -- or may have trouble getting to the car wash.

If you're thinking about stopping by Dan's Car Wash on a snowy or rainy day, your best bet is to give us a call at (612) 869-5812. That way, neither you nor your car will be disappointed if Dan's happens to be closed.

Have a question?

Do you have a stinky car? Or have another burning car care question? Dan and his team are here to put the sweet smell of clean back into your life. Ask a question today!

Dan's Nicollet Car Wash is a neighborhood business and is proud to be an active community sponsor. We regularly support the organizations and activities of our wonderful south Minneapolis neighborhoods through fundraisers, on and off site. Please contact us if you think we can help your organization achieve its goals.

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